Puppy Love

IMG_2225Five weeks ago, I brought home my new puppy girl after a whirlwind 30-hour adventure to Reno and back. My new collie companion is named Ayrabelle (Air-uh-bell), which in Scottish—the home country of collies—means “prayerful . . . beautiful . . . loving.” What a fitting name for this spunky yet gentle pup! Two hours after I met her in the Reno airport, Ayrabelle crossed her paws and fell asleep on my lap during the turbulent flight to Seattle. Doesn’t she look “prayerful”? (Shhh . . . don’t tell any airline folks that I took her out of her soft-sided carrier.) IMG_2109

So much prayer went into my finding Ayrabelle and I am beyond grateful for your prayers after my agonizing loss of Logan. I can hardly believe that he passed six months ago! I plan to train Ayrabelle for puppy therapy to visit hospitals, care facilities, schools, etc. More and more I am sensing the need to give back to others and my community. I know I will have more stories to tell in the months and years ahead.

In the meantime, I want to share a few darn cute photos of Ayrabelle, also affectionately known as Piranha Puppy. Her baby teeth are razor sharp and I feel like my recent vocabulary has reduced to two words that I bark out repeatedly: “No chew.”

IMG_2170Here’s to believing that good things DO come to those who wait. In this process of waiting and searching for the right-fit dog for me, I’ve found greater respect for the lamenting and honesty in the Psalms. David and the other psalmists remind us that it’s okay to grieve and long for better times. Waiting is interwoven in resiliency. “Out of the depths I cry to you, Lord, hear my voice . . . I wait for the Lord, my whole being waits, and in His word I put my hope” (Psalm 130:1-2, 5).

If you are in an in-between time of waiting for answers to your prayers, take heart in knowing that Ayrabelle, my prayerful pup, is ready to cross her paws for you. Me too.

IMG_2269Brave and Resilient Tip #135: Good things DO come to those who wait!

Hmmm…look who has mud on her lips. Someone was digging in the backyard raised flowerbed where Logan loved to dig.


  1. Love her! And good words!

    • Thank you for your encouragement, Shelly. Ayrabelle will love meeting you! If she were already trained in pet therapy, she’d be there to help you recover from your ouchie.

  2. Sandra Jackson says

    So glad for your puppy.
    Remembering you today–4/16. Good things do come from our losses. I gained a beautiful friend–YOU–from the terrible tragedy at Virginia Tech nine years ago. I thank God for the gift of your friendship!

    • Oh, Sandra, I have been thinking about you all with this anniversary season. I can hardly believe it’s been nine years already. I thank God for your friendship too—definitely the good that came from such tragedy in your community.

  3. Ha! Logan left a legacy for Ayrabelle! Still want to meet her…maybe this week.

    • Logan did leave a incredible legacy and I think of him as Ayrabelle has pulled toilet paper off the roll for 50 feet and I find myself thinking, “Well, Logan never did this!” She can’t wait to meet you!

  4. Cute pup Beth! So happy for you.

  5. angie boyd says

    Ahhhhh.. love her name. Praying you two girls have the opportunity to love others like you always have!!!