Brave & Resilient People

Bravery and resiliency come wrapped in the heart and soul of ordinary people. Grandparents who open their home to troubled teens. Cancer survivors who steady others rocked by adversity. Kids who send care packages to our military troops.

We want to honor your favorite brave and resilient person, so send us a short paragraph about your nominee with an attached high-resolution photo or less than 90-second video clip. Contact us at

Myron & Bernice Lueders

Myron and Bernice Lueders

My parents modeled the “in sickness and in health, until death do us part” vow of their 1955 marriage as they both in later life weathered cancer without buckling to despair or whining “why me?” My parents are both gone now, and I especially miss my Mom’s jovial and giving spirit and my Dad’s dry wit mixed with steady wisdom. Words fall short in expressing my gratitude for their believing in my gifts as a writer. Mom and Dad, this website is dedicated in honor of you.


Amy Beth and Alex Muir



For the past 17 years I’ve had the honor to pray for my children every week in a Moms in Prayer group (formally Moms in Touch). I am very thankful that my daughter and son are both young adults of character and love and follow Jesus. Amy Beth has gone into ministry at first with Cru and now with Youth for Christ and serves as a small group leader with our church’s high school ministry. Alex is very bold, being one of the youngest students at Seattle University Law School and he is in the top 10 percent in his class. We are so proud of Amy Beth and Alex for living out their faith among their peers because it takes a lot of courage to be a young adult of integrity in today’s society.    —Barb Muir


Clarence and Loretta Lee StevensImage 2

Married just shy of 63 years, my parents labored side by side in the fields of the farm that’s been in our family for four generations. No matter if the crops had suffered the aftermath of flooding, drought, hail, or scorching summer heat, they thanked the Lord for the yield and prepared for the next season of growth. They also were faithful to spend many of their winters traveling thousands of miles to plant eternal seeds of faith in the lives of people through missions. —Lisa Dorman


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