Going Deeper

Challenge your thinking and your faith with a more in-depth look at Bible-based insights.

Reflect on the questions on your own, discuss with friends, or share your observations with us.

The Bounce-Back Factor

One of the ways we learn to bounce back or be resilient is to look at people who have already done it. If you are surrounded by friends and family members who are laid low by life’s experiences, you can be laid low just by breathing their air. Failure to be resilient can be catching because it is easy to see the compensations of staying down. Sympathy, pity, attention, notoriety, and excuses to bow out of what you do not want to do can be good “reasons” for not bouncing back.

…To live with resilience, you have to want it. It may be in small matters or large, but bouncing back, going on to write new chapters and new stories, is primary. The payoff for being resilient has to be greater than the payoff for staying down or staying put. Sometimes you even have to wait to see what the payoff is while you are pushing on to bounce back. When you cannot see it clearly, it is a total leap of faith. Resilience can be its own reward.

Same Life, New Story, Jan Silvious, (Thomas Nelson, 2010, pp. 198-199). Reprinted with permission.


• What does bouncing back look like in your life right now?

• Who are people that you can look to as role models of resiliency?

• List two people in the Bible who emulated both bravery and resiliency. What is it about their faith that made them bounce back? How can you apply this tenacity under fire to your own life?


Further Study

• Read Genesis 16 and 21:1-21.

• What aspects of God’s character helped Hagar bounce back?

• How did she actively choose to live with resilience?


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