Filter Thingamabob

Yesterday I stepped into a mini pond of water in my garage. My first thought was, Hmmmm…is that snowmelt from my CRV tires? Nope. I traced the source to my furnace room and discovered a nagging plunk, plunk, plunk. Sigh. I turned off the furnace humidifier, but the troublesome leak continued. To get to the furnace, I had to clear a bunch of storage boxes, carpet remnants, and miscellaneous boards. Since water was steadily streaming from the humidifier section and I didn’t want to pay for an emergency plumber, I grabbed a screwdriver and got to the source: a completely clogged humidifier filter. IMG_5593I mean so grayed and caked with calcium and minerals deposits that no water could even squeeze through. Instead of the filter removing impurities like it is designed to do, this corroded filter had reached its max and quit.

Fortunately, I consulted with my neighbor-friend Rob and he helped me remove the deadweight filter before I ran to Home Depot for a new, white fluffy filter. I just replaced the main furnace filter last week (obviously, I had forgotten about the furnace humidifier needing a separate filter replacement). But you know, my little homeowner foible has me thinking about the need for filters in our own lives.

Filters are everywhere—water filters, coffee filters, oil filters, gas filters, camera lens filters, air conditioner filters, swimming pool filters, aquarium filters. There are even filter words or phrases that fiction writers add to the beginning of sentences to help readers see the world through a character’s eyes.

But what about us? What helps us keep out the unnecessary and not so good from our lives? What filters block us from wrong thinking and poor choices? The truths of God’s Word and the leading of God’s Spirit top my filter list. Insights from those who care about my welfare are beneficial filters too.

And, after yesterday’s experience with the deposit-saturated filter, I realize my need to submit to some regular heart and soul maintenance checkups. Intentional inspection. A willingness to toss out the old and add in the new.

There’s just something motivating about learning from everyday home repairs to safeguard my own life and faith. Now where did I put that little screw for the thingamabob on the humidifier cover?

Brave and Resilient Tip #131: Schedule some regular heart and soul maintenance checkups.


  1. Sandra Jackson says:

    Beth, one of your best. A word to the wise! Happy New Year!

  2. Great thoughts, Beth. I most appreciate the filter the Lord puts over my mouth at certain times! Glad your humidifier is all fixed.

  3. Barbara Lundy says:

    This is such good insight to the needs that we so frequently overlook in our lives. I,too, have allowed my furnace filter to become clogged. And my spiritual one as well. Thanks for this.

    • Thank you, Barbara, for sharing your experiences. I’m so glad we don’t have to rely on our own efforts to fix our spiritual filter.

  4. I’m working on refreshing my negative thought filter. Thanks for the prompting!

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