Your Best Is Enough

Back in 2011, I caught part of an episode of “The Biggest Loser” in which Hannah lost 102 pounds in five months. With her crying sister at her side and a world of television viewers watching, Hannah proudly exclaimed, “My best is enough.”

I love Hannah’s battle cry. When we’ve given something our all and truly done our best, it is enough. We are free not to second-guess our efforts or self-judge our performance. Enough means “sufficient for the purpose.”

Being a person of perfectionist tendencies, I am aware of letting go of pushing just a little more for the A+ instead of the A, the most memorable presentation, the beyond excellent word choice. Ordinary is just not at word I gravitate toward to describe me. But I’d be honored if someone would say of me, “Beth knows when her best is enough.”

Knowing when we’ve reached enough is part of our staying resilient no matter what the scale, the client, the spouse, the teacher, or boss says. Our “best enough” means learning to dial it down, turn it off, and sometimes just stop.

And with those words, I will push “send.”

P.S. I chose to say “best enough” when I couldn’t decide between a simple white A+ photo and this more vivid red A+. I’m in process!

Brave and Resilient Tip #121: Your best is enough is truly best enough.



  1. Vivid beats ordinary! Love you!

  2. Lisa Dorman says

    Love this, Beth! You DO know when your best is enough.????

    • Oh, thank you, Lisa. I’m still learning on when to be satisfied with “my best,” but a few years and experiences are helping me arrive there more quickly.

  3. Love the thought. Personal best is all we have to offer I guess! 🙂

    • I love the thought, too, Nancy, and know seeing this lived out takes wisdom and moving beyond your own self-effort.