Well Worn, But Wonderful

IMG_0035I have a fond affection for older houses and the generations of people who lived in them. I love to photograph abandoned farmhouses. Years ago, in another side to my antique artistry, my dad and I would gain permission to salvage old doors and windows from some late 1800s and early 1900s homes. If those sagging, wallpapered walls could talk!

I enjoyed many an adventure with my dad using a crowbar, flat bar, and other tools to separate these architectural elements from the dilapidated homes. What a memorable father-daughter project. (And boy do I have stories! Like the time Dad fell partially through a floor and was hanging by the floor joists over a sunken basement.)

There’s such rich history to preserve in our world, and these aging housesIMG_0036 remind me of resiliency. . . a sort of well worn, but wonderful side to our lives. So often we zip through our days and scurry our minds to our to-dos in our weeks ahead. But today as I scan through some of my farmhouse photos, I’m choosing to pause. I’m adding some breathing space to think through the well worn but wonderful in my life. And, even a few of my favorite well-worn people. 🙂

Antique farmhouses weren’t built in a day and neither is resiliency. Every storm, every bitter wind, every sweltering summer helped shape and patina these once occupied homes. After a hundred-plus years, many of these beauties are cracked, bowed, and leaning, but they are still standing. May the same be said of us.

Brave and Resilient Tip #115: Treasure the well worn but wonderful in your life.



  1. Lovely thoughts, Beth. Do you remember the old song “This Old House?” Great lyrics there, too. Not sure if I’m one of the “well-worn” people of whom you speak, but if so I’m proud to be one! 🙂

  2. Hope I’m one of the “well-worn!” This episode from Elk Creek territory is one of my favorites!! Love your farmhouse analogies….your posts are such a blessing!!

    • Your are way more WONDERFUL than well-worn but definitely one of my longtime, through-the-years friends. Thank you for your encouragement! You haven’t changed a bit in that category. 🙂

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