Your Bravery Bucket List

Jumping off the high board. Selling lemonade. Riding a horse. Twirling and swirling on amusement park rides. Trying Dad’s latest barbeque sauce. Letting Mom put lotion on your sunburn.

Pies en el trampolnBravery flourishes in summertime, especially when we’re young and so many life adventures await us. I remember spending my summers making loop potholders and chocolate-covered bananas with my best friend and selling them around our little town. And my brothers “offering” me the role of test passenger in one of their many mini fabricated cars. Bravery knows no bounds when you’ve got two older brothers who give you the double dog dare.

As much as bravery builds its initial courage in our younger years, I think we’ve all got some bravery just waiting to bust out in our lives. Yes, even yet this summer! Maybe it’s that long hike or bike ride or even putting on walking shoes and making it around the block. Or, perhaps it’s letting your teen drive you to work or putting work on hold and taking that vacation. For you, bravery may even mean making amends with someone or looking for a new job. (Or, if you’re me, making and drinking a green smoothie.)

Summer will soon be coming around the home stretch, so now is the time to put some checkmarks on your bravery bucket list. What brave summer memories top your list? Which ones will you add in the next six weeks? We’d love to share your bravery best with your favorite bravery photos. (Use Your Thoughts below and then email your photos to

Bust a bravery move, then tell us about it. We double dog dare you!

Brave and Resilient Tip #114: Put some checkmarks on your bravery bucket list.



  1. Dorease Rioux says

    I loved reading your childhood stories of summer nostalgia. I can sure relate to some of them. 🙂
    I recall how Friday and Saturday were, often, spent traveling to and from Rodeos all around the Southern states. My daddy was a competitive calf-roper. We were his impassioned cheerleaders. Such fun memories of reuniting with the other rodeo families, eating frito pies and snow cones, observing my beautiful and beaming mother (so proud of her tall, lean cowboy), and the herbal smell of horse (one of my favorite “scents” to this day). This summer, as I embark upon a new trail, in my journey, into the great unknown … I can only be brave because I choose to put my trust in the Lord. I am fully assured that God is faithful and I can rely on HIM to work out the details for this new trail.

    • How fun to hear about your weekend rodeo memories, Dorease! I never heard of a frito pie, but it sounds divine. I grew up riding and showing my friend’s horses and joined my family in attending some rodeos. I love the smell of horses, too. Herbal. Hmmm…that’s a pleasant description. I love a horse’s velvety nose. 🙂 I know God is equipping you with fresh bravery as you trust Him on your new adventures ahead. Send us a photo from your rodeo days. Your daddy was a brave one to compete at calf roping!

  2. I’ll take that dare…but need to think about it first. Does driving I-25 more often count???? A friend was just saying this morning that she felt God was calling her to be more bold. I’ll send her this! 🙂

    • I do think driving packed interstates and freeways counts as bravery! Thanks for passing this along to your friend, Nancy. We’d love to see a brave photo from you both. (I need to find some and post too.)