Our Not-Quite-Yet Season

IMG_2494Some of us bristle a bit at the words, “Oh, it’s just a season you’re in.” Hmmm . . . those words are meant to be an encouragement, but what if your season feels more like an eternity? I get that. I’m kind of in a longer-than-anticipated “season” myself with some health issues, and trust me, some days the weariness of waiting for a fresh season of vitality presses me to the brink of wanting
to fold.

So what keeps us going when a particularly trying season just never seems to end? For me, I have to turn my focus off my woes and onto words of encouragement that won’t disappoint. When it comes to a promising perspective on seasons, I particularly like King Solomon’s wise words in Ecclesiastes 3:1, “For everything there is a season, a time for every activity under heaven” (NLT).

These words give me hope. Eventually whatever season we’re in will end. The troublesome job, finances, health, relationship—you name it—will at some point shift. We will either adjust or bust as we wait. The good news is that adjusting can mean just a miniscule change in our thinking. Perhaps it’s just a slight nudge in realizing that we are stronger than we think. A little course correction in asking for help. A minor fiddling to replace our fears with facts. A simple modification of opening our eyes to the “not yet” instead of languishing in the “not ever.”

We have rainy seasons, baseball seasons, and the holiday season. I sometimes wish we’d celebrate a Not Yet season. It’s already on our calendars as long as we’re still breathing. Not quite yet. I like the sound of that season we’re in. How about you?

Brave & Resilient Tip #46: Seasons do come and go. 


  1. Love it! I agree there needs to be a delicate way to say, “This too will pass,” without sounding trite. Knowing that God knows all and my job is to trust and obey is what I seek to share in a thoughtful way.

    • There is a delicate balance. Oh, the wisdom to know when and how to speak “the truth in love.”