Everybody’s Got Something

For the past several weeks, I’ve been cranking my radio whenever I hear the new Mandisa song called “Overcomer.” I love the kickin’ music and the “chill” lyrics. I just found this incredible video from Good Morning America last week that features the world premiere of Mandisa’s new music video. In introducing the song, GMA co-host Josh Elliot describes the lyrics as “all about thriving despite adversity.”

obstaclesThriving despite adversity is the heartbeat of this Brave and Resilient site! That’s the heartbeat of my own life. I know you can relate to overcoming despite your own struggles. I was so delighted to see Mandisa’s video highlighting actual clips of GMA co-host Robin Roberts, former Congressman Gabby Giffords, Olympic figure skater Scott Hamilton, and The Biggest Loser contestant Hannah Curlee in the middle of their own being bent, compressed, and stretched through intense difficulties. As Robin Roberts summarizes, “Everybody’s got something.”

You may be facing a wearisome something right now. A feeling that life is seriously too much. Perhaps you’re enduring a painfully rough patch in your marriage, your friendships, your job, your health, your finances. If so, please be encouraged by Mandisa’s words [under the Brave & Resilient Media tab]:

Stay in the fight ‘til the final round

You’re not going under

‘Cause God is holding you right now

You might be down for a moment

Feeling like it’s hopeless

That’s when He reminds You

That you’re an overcomer

. . . Don’t quit, don’t give in

You’re an overcomer

Yep, everybody’s got something . . . at some point in life. If your something today feels somehow overwhelming, Someone will keep you from going under. Just give Him your hand. Don’t quit. Don’t give in, because you ARE an overcomer.

[The song is only 3:22  long. Listen and find yourself wanting it for a workout song. Kick it! 🙂 ]

Brave and Resilient Tip #40: Everybody’s got something, so let your something help you to be something else.


  1. Great encouragement, Beth. Thanks so much.

    • You are most welcome, Nancy. I know you understand the adversities that shape our overcoming character.

  2. I like the play on words for “something else” in your tip. Not just something amazing, but moving on to an unknown place, or new path….something not yet thought of.